Law Offices of Janet Costello, L.L.C.



Janet Costello has represented corporate and individual clients involved in industry-wide investigations and enforcement actions by Federal, State and local authorities including the Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC"), the New Jersey Bureau of Securities, New Jersey's Office of the Medicaid Inspector General ("OMIG")/Medicaid Fraud Division, the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, various States' antitrust enforcement authorities and local Boards of Health.  


Janet Costello has represented clients facing investigations into and trial-level proceedings related to allegations of:


  • mail and wire fraud
  • health care/Medicaid fraud
  • bank fraud
  • securities fraud
  • money laundering
  • mortgage fraud
  • Ponzi schemes
  • mass marketing fraud
  • tax fraud
  • failure to pay taxes
  • political corruption
  • Arms Export Control Act violations
  • child pornography
  • sex crimes
  • child abuse and neglect
  • theft of computer data/cyber-crime
  • theft by deception
  • assault
  • harassment
  • stalking
  • arson
  • robbery
  • gang solicitation/gang criminality
  • felony murder
  • vehicular homicide/death by auto